Physical Activity

This school year, along with our timetabled PE, the whole school undertakes a monthly active task which the pupils all really enjoy undertaking.

We have incorporated physical activity into school Calendar events such as: Halloween, Christmas, Seachtain na Gaeilge, Easter and Active Schools Week.

September – Back to School Morning Walks

October – Walking Task

Halloween:Pupils enjoyed a spooky run around the yard at break times dressed in their Halloween costumes.

November/December – Active Break Every Day

Leading up to the Christmas holidays, the whole school undertook the active break every day challenge. If there was a wet day, our active committee ensured that every class participated in activities. Some activities were led by the active committee while some teachers played just dance and cosmic yoga for their classes.

January -10@10

The entire schools is broken up in to ten groups with children from Junior Infants to 6th Class in each group. For ten minutes, we go outside and participate in ten different exercise circuits lasting one minute each.

February – Walk a Mile with a Smile.

Our plan for February is to walk a mile each morning at 9am. Parents will be encouraged to join in also!!

March -During Seachtain na Gaeilge, Lina the dancing teacher will teach every class Irish dancing steps.

Easter Treasure Hunts will be organised by the older children for the younger children in our school.

April – Running Initiative.

During the month of April, all classes will participate in a running initiative.

Every lap of the school/pitch ran was the equivalent of approximately 1km. It was measured recently by Michael O’Shea and Alex Heraghty in 6th class.

Classes will run a distance from Dublin in kilometres to the following European cities.

Junior and Senior Infants will run to London.

1st  and 2nd Class will run to Brussels.

3rd and 4th Class will run to Luxembourg.

5th and 6th Class will run to Minsk.


Rain days

Classes engage in extended classroom based physical activity breaks on wet days.

Pupils really enjoy actively engaging in Go Noodle, Just Dance activities, and Bizzy Breaks.

Our Active School Slogan

 Our Active School Slogan is ‘Active Play Every Day’ which was created by Lucy O’Shea in 5th Class.

Yard Leaders

Children from 5th and 6th class were approached by Ms. Flynn and asked who would be interested in volunteering for our new yard system. The positive response was overwhelming and our volunteer list includes every single child in 5th and 6th Class. Thank you all for your kindness, you are wonderful role models!

Ms. Flynn then went about training the volunteers in a variety of playground games and play based activities. A rota was devised and play stations were agreed upon. These stations may change every so often and new games/activities will be introduced. At lunch time, the volunteers check our rota to see who is on “Yard Buddy Duty.” They collect their Yard Buddy Bib and go to their play station and set it up. Once there, they support the children as they play the games. They act as good role models, showing turn taking, good manners, waiting patiently, following the rules of the game and the yard leaders.

When the bell goes and it is time to line up, the Yard Buddies on duty that day will help the teacher on yard to ensure all class groupings are lining up sensibly, as per our school rules.

Our Goals:

  1. Promote Friendship
  2. Promote Play (inclusive, active and competitive)
  3. Reduce play based conflict and promote conflict resolution.
  4. Promote respect

We hope that this new strategy will help to significantly reduce the level of conflict and tales that children bring back in to the classroom after breaks. This would help to increase teaching and learning time. By offering children more choice on the yard, we hope that they will sample all games throughout the course of the coming weeks and have a fun filled time on yard.

How can parents help?

It would be wonderful if you could support us by doing the following with your child(ren)….

  1. Reading and talking about our yard rules and their importance.
  2. Discussing ways in which we can be a kind friend to others on yard.
  3. Remind your child of the Stay Safe Rules. If they get a “No” feeling,
  4. Say no
  5. Get away
  6. Tell someone
  7. Keep telling
  8. Ask your child about yard time. Do this in a positive way. For example, what did they do? Who did they play with? What yard buddy was on duty? What fun games were being played? Encourage them to get involved with the system.
  9. Encourage your child to have good role models, to look up to in the yard. For example, kind, caring and gentle friends make the best play mates. Thank you in advance for your co-operation and support!

Active Lunch Lines

Our Active Committee came up with the idea of having our line up less stationary and less boring. They stand in front of the whole school at the end of little break and big break and get every child moving.