Chicks hatching at Moynalvey National School

We have had a very exciting week here in Moynalvey School. Six fertilized eggs were to delivered to our school on Monday April 4th 2016. They were in a small round incubator (the size of a dinner plate).

On Tuesday morning we could see cracks appearing on some of the eggs, by the end of the day two chicks had hatched. The chicks were transferred into cage with food, water and a warm bed.

All the children had a chance to see eggs before and chicks after hatching. On Wednesday morning we discovered that three more had hatched over night. The chicks grew stronger by the minute and were able to eat, drink, walk straight away.

Chickens hatching at Moynalvey National School

Chickens hatching at Moynalvey National School

Chicks 2016 002 Chicks 2016 003 Chicks 2016 004 Chicks 2016 005 Chicks 2016 006 Chicks 2016 007 Chicks 2016 008 Chicks 2016 010It was a fascinating experience for children and staff alike.